The 90 Day Year

Let’s talk about the 90 day year. Yes, you read that correctly. We all know a year has 365 days, but SO many things can change in that year that can affect multiple factors with respect to reaching your goals. Life happens! Your motivation and potential can be shifted based on personal circumstances, pressure, knowledge, growth, loss and change, along with a multitude of other concepts.

It is easy to write down a goal, and it is even easier to get discouraged and stray when you don’t see progress. It’s easy to procrastinate and get distracted, to say “tomorrow” or “someday”. If we are always living for tomorrow or someday, how are we actually going to be the person we want to be, and do the things we want to do? Goal setting and taking action is crucial in order to live your best life and be the person you want to be.

Say it is NYE, and you want to make some changes for the coming year. Tons of people do this, and it is the only time each year they spend the time to goal set and reflect. Typically, by the end of January most people have thrown it out the window, or put it off and will reconsider some new things again next year.

The goals may seem too large, unrealistic or most likely there is no path or accountability along the way to reach them which makes it easy to just not do it. However, by setting smaller goals focussed to attainable goals for the next 90 day period you will be more likely to succeed and stay committed to the overall goals.

The 90 day year provides more opportunity to self reflect and to continuously redefine that path, because paths like to bend, fork and twist. Instead of focussing on a straight line, long term goal for a full year the 90 day year allows adaptation to the turbulence of life, and to succeed at obtaining smaller, attainable goals to keep you motivated to reach your overall goal. These smaller goals are coupled with self reflection and evaluation every 90 days to see what you have accomplished in the last 90, and where you want to go with the next 90.

By breaking it down into increments you are creating small achievable steps to get there. You don’t have to be at the goal after 90 days, but you will be able to reflect and see how many little things that you have accomplished. You will actually feel like you are achieving something! This allows for a very specific-to-your-situation, self reflection on your past 90, and self evaluation for your next 90. Now that you have achieved these little steps, what about the next 90?

It actually makes logical sense that you are more likely to achieve your goals seeing continual productivity and overcoming the little challenges and changes you have set for yourself. It also allows for more dynamic goal setting and reflection as your life changes. The thought of “your life can be totally different in 6 months” is a very true statement. It is important to evaluate your goals – do you have the same goals you did 6 months ago? If so, how much closer are you to reaching them, and how are you getting there? If they are different, why, and how are you getting there?

It’s almost like creating sub goals in order to achieve the main one. It is pretty hard to complete a marathon without training. It goes the same way with goals – if you have big ones. Usually you have to take steps in order to complete the big picture. Like writing a book, you need chapters.

Twelve months is a long time to procrastinate, make excuses, get lost along the way and recover from mistakes. If we cut that down to a three month period, you are actually more accountable, there is less room to bargain with time, and resetting from mistakes can happen quicker. Looking back to the previous 90 days, you are more likely to recognize the little things that you are changing, which end up translating to the big things. Being able to break the big goal down into increments, it demonstrates that you ARE achieving things, maybe not the end goal, but you are making progress.

The 90 day year is a powerful tool to set achievable goals that can lead into the right direction of living your best life and becoming the person you want to be. Taking small actions can make a huge impact on the big picture, and being able to self reflect and evaluate multiple times throughout a twelve month year will really help make your goals and dreams come true!

Published by Cassandra Penney

I am the owner of Powder Renegade Lodge, along with my husband Kerry. Our family has been on an incredible journey into creating the newest cat skiing operation in BC, Canada.

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